Welcome to Academic Advising 

The office of Academic Advising offers students resources that complement a student’s academic journey at Saint Mary’s.
We offer professional advising support to all students, regardless of major, standing, or status.

Get the Most out of Advising!

There are important steps you need to take in order to get the most out of your advising appointments.

  • Keep track of your general education/major/minor requirements
  • Prior to your appointment, have a schedule drafted to show your adviser.
  • Discuss your long-term goals, personally and professionally. Where do you see yourself after SMUMN?

Not sure where to start? 

Preparing for your Advising Appointment

Your Academic Adviser

You can access your adviser on the ‘Nest’. By selecting the Printer Friendly Course Schedule, a printable version of your schedule will be shown. On that schedule at the top, your adviser will be listed. 

Students are recommended to meet with their adviser at least once each semester prior to the registration period. Ideally, you want to meet with them 2-3 times each semester to discuss goals, degree planning, and other opportunities.

Your Advising Appointment

Look for communication from your faculty adviser on how to sign-up. It is important to book in advance of your registration date and arrive prepared to make the most of your scheduled time with your adviser!


Before for your Appointment

Leading up to your advising appointment, begin to think about questions to ask your adviser about topics such as fulfilling major, minor, general education requirements, prerequisites, class times, extracurricular academic clubs, or general academic questions. See this step-by-step guide to preparing.

  • Start by finding your major and minor requirements located in the course catalog.
  • Review your general education requirements. (You can find tracking forms above for your general education program.)
  • Create a draft of your planned schedule to discuss with your adviser.
  • Bring questions that you have and wish to discuss with your adviser.

During your Appointment

  • Establishing an advising relationship rests with you! Be prepared to engage with your adviser and ask questions. (Not sure what questions to ask? See our Questions to ask your adviser resource!)


Making Schedule Adjustments
  • Connect with your adviser before making any changes.
  • If you want to make a change before the add/drop deadline, you can do so directly via your portal.
  • If you want to make a change after the add/drop deadline, you will need to request a formal course withdraw in which the following should be noted:
    • A final grade of W will be entered on your transcript which does not impact your GPA.
    • If withdrawing from a course or courses will put you below 12 credits, you need to email the following office(s) (as applies) to see how this may impact you:
    • No schedule changes can be made after the course withdrawal deadline has passed. The last day to withdraw from a semester-length course for Fall 2023 is Sunday, September 3.
How Do I Withdraw From a Class?
  • Withdrawing from a course occurs after the Add/Drop period is over. The last day to Add/Drop a course for Fall 2023 is September 3.
  • A final grade of W will be entered on your transcript which does not impact your GPA.
  • To withdraw from a class, students must consult with their adviser, or an adviser in the Student Success Center.
    • Students should complete the Course Withdrawal form located outside the Registrar’s Office located in Saint Mary’s Hall and/ or Student Succes and First Generation Initiative Center. Completed forms should be returned to the Registrar’s Office. If the student’s course is online asynchronous, course withdrawal may occur by a student emailing their course instructor, adviser, and the registrar (registrar-win@smumn.edu).
  • If withdrawing from a course or courses will put you below 12 credits, you are advised to email the following office(s) (as applies) to see how this may impact you:
Declaring your Major and Minor

You can declare your major and/or minor by putting in a request to have the online declaration form completed. You can also add, change, and/or drop a major or minor as well. While email is great way to get your information to the correct parties, we highly encourage you discuss your major or minor by meeting with the department chair and/or another faculty member within the department of the major or minor you wish to declare.

Email the following to request a new declaration or a change in declaration:

  • Major or academic minor: Department chair of that major or minor
  • Integratus minor: advising@smumn.edu


Fill out this online Intent to Declare form and a the department chair or another faculty member will follow up regarding your declaration request.


Credits for Transfer

Use the key below to determine who to contact based on the course you have taken or hope to take:

  • Major or Minor – Department Chair of the major or minor (ask your adviser for specific contact information)
  • Integratus – Please reach out to an adviser at advising@smumn.edu

More Transfer Credit information can be found in the catalog under Transfer Credit Policy.


Registration Tutorial

Watch this tutorial to learn about the new registration features and learn how to register for courses!

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Registration Holds

Check out the following resources and email Cardinal Central with questions: cardinalcentral@smumn.edu