Major Pathways


Following a pathway is an optimal route for degree completion. Several factors may affect a student’s ability to follow a specific pathway, including the timing of major declaration, course availability, course demand, course scheduling conflicts, and faculty availability. Adjustments may need to be made to the pathway as students work toward degree completion.

Pathway can be used as a resource and preparation guide, however, a student’s academic adviser is the best resource for planning course schedules.

General Education Pathways

Academic Department Pathways



  • Please consult current 2023-2024 course catalog for Education requirements
    • Educational Studies (a non-licensure major): Adult Education Contexts, B.A.
    • Educational Studies (a non-licensure major):  Child and Family Contexts, B.A.
    • Educational Studies (a non-licensure major): Youth Development and Leadership, B.A.
    • Elementary Education Major (K-6), B.A.
      • Communication Arts and Literature Endorsement for Grades 5-8
      • General Science Endorsement for Grades 5-8
      • Mathematics Endorsement for Grades 5-8
      • Social Studies Endorsement for Grades 5-8
      • World Language and Culture: Spanish Endorsement for Grades 5-8
    • Secondary Education Grades 5-12 & K-12, B.A.
Language, Literature, and Culture

Spanish Exploration Video

As of the 2023-2024 school year, only the Spanish minor is available. Please refer to the current course catalog for minor requirements.

Philosophy & Theology

Philosophy Exploration Video

IHM Seminary Exploration Video

As of 2023-2024 school year, Philosophy major and Philosophy minor are available. Consolidated for those in IHM Seminary.