Academic Advising

We Guide. You Decide.

Academic Advising is part of the Student Success Center (SSC) and works closely with faculty advisers, Career Services and Internships, Tutoring, Disability Support Services, Athletics, and Health Services providing a comprehensive advising experience for your four years at Saint Mary’s.

Academic advising is a process of developing a relationship with a student with the purpose of guiding the student towards achievement of his/her educational, career, and personal goals. The academic adviser may be a faculty member or a professional staff member in the Student Success Center. Advisers help students make the most of their college experience by helping them develop a better understanding of their educational goals as related to their interests, values, and abilities. Academic advisers guide, students decide. Advisers encourage students to be self-reflective, to think critically about their attitudes and behaviors, to seek out resources, to become strong advocates for themselves, and to develop academic action plans consistent with their needs and hopes for the future.


Academic Advisers in the Student Success Center assist students in the following areas:

  • Course planning and registration
  • Major exploration and declaration
  • Evaluation of degree requirements (General Education, Majors, Minors)
  • Course withdrawal
  • Academic difficulties
  • Developing academic success strategies and life skills
  • Facilitate the Academic Probation Support Program
  • Addressing personal concerns affecting academic performance
  • Understanding undergraduate academic polices and procedures
  • Serve as academic liaisons
  • Connect students with resources/services on campus
  • University withdrawal

Advising Resources: Fall 2020 Registration

Reference the information below to help guide you in navigating online advising appointments and course registration.

How do I know what to register for?

In addition to using tools in your portal such as your transcript and degree audit, utilize the following to help you plan your schedule:

For all students:

For students enrolled spring 2018 and prior (Legacy Program):

For students enrolled beginning fall 2018 and on (IGEP):

Who is my academic adviser?
Your faculty advisor’s name is listed at the bottom of your portal homepage. Note: If you recently declared your major, you may still see your former adviser listed but you should be primarily working with your new major adviser.
How do I set up my advising appointment?
Look for communication from your faculty adviser. You can work with them via email or schedule a virtual meeting via zoom or google hangout.
I want to drop/withdraw from a class, what do I do?
  • Email your adviser the name of the course you want to drop and any concerns or questions you have about dropping the class. If you and your adviser both agree that dropping the class is the best option, your adviser will notify the registrar’s office and take care of the rest.
  • Keep the following in mind
    • Wednesday, April 15 is the last day to withdraw from a class
    • A final grade of a W will be entered which does not impact your GPA.
    • If withdrawing from a course or courses will put you below 12 credits, you need to email the following office(s) (as applies) to see how this may impact you:
      • Financial Aid:
      • Athletics:
How do I declare my major, minor, and/or IGEP minor?

The declaration form has been moved online. You can declare your major, minor, and/or IGEP minor. You can also add or change/drop a major, minor, IGEP minor as well.

Email the following person to declare:

  • Major or Academic Minor: Department Chair of that major or minor
  • IGEP Minor: The Minor Coordinator of the IGEP Minor you want to declare
    • Self, Society, and the Sacred: Dr. Erich Lippman
    • Environmental Sustainability: Dr. Ben Pauli
    • Global Diversity and Social Justice: Dr. Erin Mae Clark
    • Creativity and Inquiry: Dr. Patrick O’Shea
Do I have a hold on my account?

Check out the following resources and email Cardinal Central with questions:

Steps to check for holds

I took or want to take a class outside of Saint Mary’s and want to know how it counts. What do I do?

Use the key below to determine who to contact based on the course you hope to take:

  • Major or Minor course – Department Chair of the major or minor
  • IGEP course – Coordinator of IGEP minor or Associate Dean for General Education
    • Self, Society, and the Sacred: Dr. Erich Lippman
    • Environmental Sustainability: Dr. Ben Pauli
    • Global Diversity and Social Justice: Dr. Erin Mae Clark
    • Creativity and Inquiry: Dr. Patrick O’Shea
    • All other IGEP questions: Dr. Carolyn Ayers
  • Legacy General Education Program course – Dean of the College
    • Dr. Mark Barber
I still have questions. What do I do?

Stay calm and know we are here to help! Here are some options:

Course Registration Support: Fall 2020 Registration

Reminder: Registration is set to open according to Central Standard Time. Not sure what time that means for you? Time zone converter

Hey cardinals! Wishing you could come to the HC Computer Labs during your registration time? We do too. Have no fear as you can still join us LIVE in a zoom meeting (but this time it is BYOD – bring your own donut!) Jump on the call anytime during your registration window and not only will Student Success and FGI advisers be available to help you but also your Peer Advisers!


Wondering what to expect when you jump on the zoom meeting? Here is what to know:

When you first join in, we will welcome you in and provide general information and guidance as you register. If you experience any issues with registration or have any specific questions, we will pop you in a breakout room from that same meeting to have a quieter space to help you troubleshoot. Have a more individualized or confidential question? Just let us know and we can do a 1-1 in a breakout room.

We can’t wait to see you!

Registration Tutorial

Watch this tutorial to learn about the new registration features and learn how to register for courses!

Important Steps
  1. First and foremost, update the term in the portal (upper left-hand corner)
    1. FA20 for fall registration
    2. SU20 for summer registration
  2. Select ‘Registration’ under the ‘My Student Potral’ heading
  3. Register for your classes
    1. If registration does not open, verify the following:
      1. Your registration date and time
      2. Any holds on your account – holds will prevent registration
Questions about registration
  • Issues with your classes adding to
  • Advising and/or portal issue questions to
  • Registration holds to